Sunday, April 17, 2011

Verbal Dream State

My mom used to say some pretty bizarre stuff if you started talking to her just before she fell asleep - sort of a verbal dream state. Tonight I started falling asleep while telling my son a bedtime story and did the same thing. Not sure exactly what I said, but something about Darth Vader, a beach ball, and some angry lady. Kyle seemed a little confused/freaked out when I finally snapped out of it. Hahaha.

My brother, Shea, and my mom would watch TV together and just when my mom's eyes were closing he wold turn to her and say something like...

Shea: Mom, can I have a bagel dog?

Mom: No, the dog needs a hat.

Shea: Oh, okay, what hat should I get for him?

Mom: The red one... no green... It's in the bathroom

Shea: What's in the bathroom?

Mom: They are. All of them... All those guys.

Shea: What guys?

Mom: Huh?

And so on and so on. LOL!

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