Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mind Control

Kyle made this bracelet for me last week.

He typed it up on our label maker and it says "wow woo wow" - sounds happy people make. He said that it would make me happy when I look at. Sweet huh? That's what I thought until I realized his true intent...

This is a mind control device designed to weaken my parental control.

Example #1:

Me: Kyle, it's time to stop coloring. We have to go.

Kyle: I'm not done yet.

Me: Kyle, we're late and I'm starting to get upset.

Kyle: Look at your bracelet dad... (Sly look out of the corner of his eye , as if he just cast some sort of ecstasy spell on me)... Now how do you feel?

Example #2:

Kyle: Can I have one? Can I have one? Can I have one?

Me: No.

Kyle: Hey dad. Look at your bracelet!... (pause for bracelet powers to take effect)...

Now can I have one?

Unfortunately, I'm finding that it actually works a little bit. Somebody get this thing off of me. FREEDOOOOM!

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