Friday, July 8, 2011

Huh? You Love Me?

Yesterday morning I woke up and Kyle had my phone in his hands and a big smile on his face. And in his sweet little voice he said "Daddy, I sent a message to your phone. It says I love you". This should have melted my heart, and for a second it did... but then I completely panicked.

Now, I know that Kyle has somewhat of a grasp on how texting works – exactly enough to be dangerous. And if he's holding my phone, then WHO IN THE HELL DID HE SEND THAT TEXT TO? Perhaps a colleague? Maybe somebody in my address book that I haven't spoken to in ages? Oh shit, maybe he sent it to a client.

I spent the next 10 minutes interrogating him about EXACTLY which buttons he pressed. And, of course, this 4 year old that can recall 40 of the 50 states, and navigate an iPhone like an Apple fanboy suddenly has no idea what he may or may not have pressed. In fact, he was really only interested in telling me which level he got to on Angry Birds.

I've patiently waited for my secret admiree to text me back. No response.

So, if you have recently received a text from me in which I profess my love to you, I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's all just a big mix-up.


  1. Funny post! Thanks for sharing your parenting experiences. I am glad Michael is not the only preschooler addicted to Angry Birds. He also gets very excited and proud of himself every time he makes it to a new level. The other day, we were at a restaurant and the hostess brought him coloring papes and crayons. Michael was playing Angry Birds on the iPad while waiting for dinner to arrive. Michael looked at her as if to say "Why would I want that if I am playing with my iPad?" Bill and I quietly watched this take place. Then I snapped out my trance, thanked the nice lady and took the paper and crayons so he could use it later. When did these kids become so technologically advanced?

  2. LOL. I know! It's amazing seeing how fast they pick these things up.