Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Other Little Comedian

It's been a while since I posted. Partially due to lack of material, but also out of guilt. A big part of why I've have been documenting all of this is so that someday the kids will be able to read through it and enjoy this stage of their life as much as Christina and I have. I've been writing these posts for a few years now; nearly all of them are about Kyle and very few of them are about Joelle, which kinda makes sense because she's only been talking for about a year now—but I want Joelle to be equally represented. So, I've been waiting for opportunities to blog about Joelle... and waiting... and waiting.

The thing is, she's hilarious. In fact, she's the reason we transferred all my Facebook posts to this blog. But, as it turns out, she's not funny in the oh-so-bloggable way that Kyle is. With Joelle it's all about her tone, timing, facial expressions, and attitude. Talk to her for a few minutes and you'll know what I mean. She's an absolute crack-up. But a transcript of what she's saying just wouldn't do her justice. So, mainly for the sake of posterity, I'll be posting more of Joelle's stories on here—even though I know that people reading it won't appreciate it nearly as much as the people who were there to witness it. In any case, here's a few...

- In the car, Joelle begs me to drive fast. When I accelerate, she screams like she's on a roller coaster. It's so fun and infectious that we've all begun screaming when we get on freeway onramps. Even Christina... sometimes.

- Joelle took a small plastic bug net to school for show-and-tell on Thursday. The entire way to school she insisted I roll her window down momentarily to "let the butterflies in". Then she'd swing her net around wildly and proclaim "I got one". Then in her cute little girl voice she would say "Hey butterfly. I caught you". Then, in a deep, gruff voice she would say, I'm a bad butterfly. Let me go!" Then she would yell, "Daddy, Daddy, open the window". And when I did, she would chuck the imaginary butterfly out the window and say "Okay, he's gone now." This happened over and over again with slight variations all the way to school.

- Tonight at dinner, Joelle didn't want to eat her food. I asked her to eat her grilled cheese sandwich. She immediately started meowing like a cat, and said, "Sorry dad. I'm a kitty. Kitties don't eat sandwhiches."

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