Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silly Juice

On the way to school today...

Kyle: How is your morning going dad?
Me: Good, but I'm really tired.
Kyle: Maybe you should drink some that juice from Chevy's that makes you silly.
Me: Eh. It's a little early for margaritas.

That's Nice But...

After getting last place at a crossfit competition...

Kyle: Daddy! Daddy! Did your team win?!?

Me: Well... We tried really hard, so I feel like we won in my heart.

Kyle: ...Well, that's nice daddy, but did you win, ya know, like in REAL life?

Me: No. No, we got beat really badly.


While throwing his new airplane in the front yard today, Kyle threw it into an area of the yard that, admittedly, has been neglected since our remodel started.

Kyle: Whoa! Did you see that? I threw it all the way into our DUMP!

Me: Yeah! That was so... Wait... Into our what?

Don't Ruin Christmas

While putting kyle to bed tonight...

Me: Kyle, now you might hear some banging sounds downstairs tonight. Whatever you do, don't come downstairs. If Santa sees that you are awake, he'll run away and take all the presents with him.

Kyle: I might come out real quick to go in your room or something.

Me: If you do, you might ruin Christmas for everybody.

Kyle: Everybody in the whole world?!?

Me: No. Just ruin it for you and your sister.

Kyle: [super releived] Phew. Oh, okay.

Bad Breath

Kyle: Is it possible to eat a fart?
Me: I don't know, but you could try. [Thinking to myself: Please try, please try, please try]
Kyle: Nah. Not right now. It would probably give me bad breath.