Friday, August 31, 2012

Sexy Daddy

Kyle trying to butter me up after got in trouble for misbehaving this morning:

Kyle: You're my favorite dad ever.

Me: ... (mini-silent treatment)

Kyle: You're like the cutest dad in the whole world

Me: ...

Kyle: What's that word that means 'cute', and adults use it, but it's not really for kids?... Oh yeah! Sexy. I think you're really, really sexy, dad.

Me: Uh... thanks Kyle. .

My Son, Future Cave Man

Kyle just told me that he wanted to be a caveman when he grows up. I started to tell him that it wasn't a profession, but stopped myself. Because when I imagined what it might be like if he actually grew up to be a caveman, I realized it could be pretty cool.

When Christina and I are retired and want to go camping we could go visit Kyle and he could make fires and hunt for us and stuff.

People would ask me, "Hey Ian, what do your kids do?". And I could say, "My daughter is a patent attorney in Palo Alto, and my son, well... he's a caveman. He lives in Carlsbad".

This One Time, At Band Camp...

Christina and I are trying to teach Kyle the difference between conversing with somebody and talking at them. That kid can talk you to a bloody pulp. He doesn't care much if you are interested in what he's saying, as long as his words reach your ear. And it's unrelenting.

To combat this, when Kyle launches off into one of his filibusters about Ninjago, or superheroes, or whatever. She starts talk
ing about knitting (something he has no interest in), to help him understand that a conversation is a two-way street. And it seems to work. (Brilliant idea by the way, Christina)

So, this morning, I tried it. After about 15 minutes of rapid fire Ninjago trivia being crammed in my ear, I started talking about the proper way to set up a Photoshop file. And what do I get?...

"Oh, that's perfect dad. Because when I grow up, we're going to be working together doing art stuff and ninjago stuff all day long. I'll need to know all about all of this. Go ahead and talk for a little bit and then we'll get back to ninjago."



Christina: Joelle, do you have to go poo-poo or pee-pee?

Joelle: Um neither. I have to slime.