Monday, February 4, 2013

Kyle The Jokester

At our kids' school the principal tells a student-submitted joke over the loudspeaker on Friday mornings. Kyle got his joke read a few weeks back. He was STOKED, and now he's all about getting his jokes read again. So apparently, he devised a plan to that end... 

In class he asked the teacher for extra supplies so that he could make an extra project for the principal. Then he asked his teacher if she could take him to the principal's office so that he could give it to her as a gift. She did, and after buttering the principal up a bit, he laid some jokes on her. Apparently, that worked because the she sent an email home thanking him for the gift and the chat and letting him know that she would be reading his joke this morning. 

Too funny. This kid's gonna do alright in life if he keeps this up.